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 Japanese(日本語) JETIC Corporation

 JETIC Corporation started in Ryugasaki city Ibaraki Japan from May, 2008. We hope to contribute to the society through the
 development of various ink technologies.

 We have good technologies in "the surface treatment technology of the organic pigment", "synthesizing technology such as colorants,  
 binder(polymer) and polymer dispersants
 We hope that we can satisfy the customer’s demand by supplying and developing the following products.


■ink / paint / those materials ■Ordered development

    ・Pigment dispersion (aqueous,solvent) for inkjet.
    ・Paint use pigment dispersion.
    ・Pigment dispersion for color filter.
    ・Organic pigments.
    ・Binder and poymer dispersonts.(paint and ink)                            
・Various ink dispersion

    ・Various fileters      Cartridge filters
■Evalation equipments
    ・Surface tension meters
    ・Constant temperature bath

 Message for JETIC

We hope to realize a social dream in the future though performing development of products with customers.
In addition, we should consider the environment of the earth during the stage of the development.

■Entrusted development and sale

   Pigment dispersion
        Ink-jet aqueous      Ink-jet solvent
        Paint      Color filter
        Various pigments/Dyes
        Cartridge filter ( Membrane,PP,PES etc)
        Inkjet screen gravure

155,Dashiyamamachi,Ryugasaki,Ibaraki 301-0839 Japan
TEL +81-297-63-5301 FAX +81-297-63-5302
     Contact Us web@jetic.jp