Evaluation equipments JETIC Corporation
 Electronic balances


@Model@ JY1002 ix2002 ix3002 ix5002 ix6002 ix10001 ix20001
@Operation range ij O`100 0`200 0`300 0`500 0`600 0`1000 0`2000
@Minimum displayirj 10
@@Diameter of the plate (oj 125
@Body dimensions ioj W175D250H70
Output connector type RS232C
@Power supply 220u@50Hz 12VA(Supplied with 100V converter)
Weight(kg) 1.4

High performance and stable surveying by single chip microprocessor.
Low cost ,small and light.

Evaluation equipments JETIC Corporation
Fully automatic surface tensionmeter

Model ayx|P ayx|Q
Measurement range (mN/m) 0`400.00 0`200.00
Measurement accuracy (mN/m) 0.1 0.1
Gap accuracy (mN/m) }0.1 }0.02
Measurement temp () 0`110 15`60
Measurement time Auto mode@less than 5 seconds
Output connector type RS232C
Power supply 220V}10
Body dimensions W200oxD400oxH400o
Weight (kg) 15

High efficiency,@high stable performance system.
Full auto precision proofreadingAeasy operation! convenient.
Easy data saving and GUI operation by connect PC (RS232C)

Evaluation equipments JETIC Corporation
Low temp constant temperature tank

Model DC-0506 DC-1006 DC-2006 DC-3006 DC-4006 DC-65-6 DC-0506W
@Temp range ij -5`100 @-10`100@ @-20`100@ @-30`100@ @-40`100@ @-65`100@ @-5`100@
Temp control method PID Control by Microcomputer
@Unit of temp ij@ 0.1
Capacity of tank iLj 6
Water tank frontage dimensions
W150xD150xH145@iDC-0506W H70j
Circulation method Circulation pump circulation cooling outside sealing
Body dimensions ioj W405xD340xH670 @455375x740@ @510x510x1100 @400x430x400
Capacity of heater iKW) 1.0
Weight (kg) 35 45 85 25

Single microprocessor iPID Control)
Platinum sensor ipt100j
High quority,high reliability
Easy operation and convenient.

Evaluation equipments JETIC Corporation

@Model@ @NDJ-5S @NDJ-8S@
@Measurement range (mPa.s)

@1 ~1~105

@1 ~2~106

Measurement Accuracy @@}2iNewtonj@
Measurement Speed 6/12/30/60@RPM @0.3/0.6/1.5/3/6/12/30/60@RPM@
Power supply AC220V }10@50MH}10
Measurement environment Temp@5`35@Humidity@>80
Body dimensions W325oxD370oxH280o
Weight (kg) 6.8

High precise,automatic,easy operation
Disply   English or Chines

@@@Please refer willingly about configuration and price.

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